Children with chalIenges

Conventional therapies are mainly focused on limitations.
At UniqueCenter we focus on possibilities.

To awake the brain of your child  
and make the impossible - possible.

Anyone who loves a child with special needs wants to help him/her grow and develop regardless of the challenges. UniqueCenter therapeutic model is an innovative, a stereotype breaking approach based on learning and focusing on the wonderful (unlimited) capabilities of the brain.

The techniques we are using are very intense.  They unblock the litlle patients and let them overcome their limitations.

Thanks to such approach we do not focus on the limitations. Forcing the child to achieve subsequent developmental stages, to which he/she in many cases is not ready can in fact deepen the limitations. wha we focus on is to 'wake up' the brain so that new neural conneciotns are created often in a surprisigly fast pace, which in turn lead to a spontaneous breakthrough in the motoric, intelectual and the self-regulative area