Integrated tactile therapy for raising and health

by Peter Hawryluk  and Shaoern Huang

Touch & Thrive course gives you the opportunity to learn and experience various kinds of therapeutic touch for improving the quality of life.

The combination of the words Touch and Thrive is the leading idea during the training, where you will learn that touch is the basic, amazing and continuous way of communication of a human being between the surrounding world and him/herself.

Thanks to the integrated model of work and versatility of the various techniques of touch, the participants will learn how to use them depending on the therapeutic needs thus helping yourself, your family and others.

Purpose of the training

  1. Presentation of basic scientific issues related to the functioning of the somato-sensorial system
  2. Presentation of the development and the integration scheme of the tactile system from birth to early childhood
  3. Learning and understanding how and when to properly  apply the proposed therapeutic techniques
  4. The participant will be able to use touch techniques on yourself, your loved ones and patients with various development challenges

Who is the training aimed at?

  • Health care professionals
  • Educationists
  • Teachers
  • Baby-sitters
  • Parents