Temprana® - Training for parents

Temprana for parents /baby-sitters

We offer a comprehensive training in Temprana therapy for parents and/or baby-sitters. The program and training is tailored individually to each child. The timeframe is also adjusted individually. There is a possibility of combining the training with a rehab camp.

There is also the possibility of conducting the training for all members of the family at home. Call us for details.

The course of the training

  • overall diagnosis of the child in the field Temprana (takes place before the start of training) and the design of an individual program is also in agreement with Lone Sorensen
  • parents participate in the training for 4-7 hours per day for 3 to 5 days. They learn the wholeTemprana program  adapted to their child needs
  • during the training work with a therapist the parents learn on each other and later they work with their child in order to fully master the ability to perform the therapy

Contents of the training program

  • the program includes working on the face, the feet and the hands as well as additional tips and additional therapy programs arranged by the therapist 
  • otrzymują pełny program do pracy w domu
  • during the first year of therapy consultations are held every 3 months and are aimed at checking the progress and modifying the program
  • we ensure constant support and are happy to answer any questions if needed

The course of the training

During the Temprana training for the parents in conjunction with a rehab camp the child attends the therapy 4 hours a day in the first 3 days, 2 hours with a parent working under the supervision of a therapist in the next 2 days and has 2 hours of individual lessons.


The Temprana therapy requires a systematic and a long-term (at least 3 times a week) approach, which is why we train caregivers / parents so that they can become therapists for their children, making it possible to significantly reduce the cost of therapy.

Other family members are allowed to participate in the training (price does not change).

The cost of the training is determined individually, however, the price range varies from €1200 to €3000.