Individual trainings

Training for parents of infants and toddlers aged 0-2 in the field of raise support and early intervention

The training is designed for parents and infants who:

  • Had a long and stressful birth
  • Have muscle tension problems
  • Are of the 'weepy kind', sleep bad, have eating problems
  • Arouse any doubts regarding proper growth and development
  • For parents who look for alternative ideas of how to support their childrens proper growth and development

The program includes:

  • Diagnosis of a child within the field of Primitive Reflexes Integration and a subsequent therapy
  • Individual program suited to the needs of each child
  • Parents will learn methods for supporting development of their child so that they can work with the child every day at home
  • Different techniques for stimulation of all the senses
  • Speech therapy consultation, which will learn you how to proper feed  the infant and how to stimulate the point of articulation

Which benefits?

  • The training is individual for each family and thus the program is always tailored to the specific child needs and preceded by a diagnosis and a consultation
  • You will gain knowledge about subsequent development phases of your child in all the relevant areas
  • You will learn techniques to support motoric development, learn to perform massages stimulating the sensoric system, you will also learn exercises and games that in an easy and simple way allow a joyful child development
  • You will get answers to all the questions and concerns you may have from experienced professionals who will conduct the training