Our model for supporting children focuses on developing skills in every aspect of their lives. It involves learning to develop curiosity to acquire new skills and new knowledge.

Natural and joyful approach to extract the maximum potential of your child.

Spontaneous growth and development of a healthy baby is wonderful. As a parent, you can still ask the question - how to support the development of your child in a safe and motivating way.

Perhaps you have been confused about the amount of conflicting advice and a number of different products that promise to reach your child's developmental resources.

UniqueCenter approach does not promote attempts to accelerate the developmental stages. Instead, we give easy-to-implement tools for daily operations that induce your child's brain to active learning that is, to what it is created.

We will help to choose such development activities that go in line with the development of your child's brain (in accordance with how a child's brain develops).

At Uniquecenter you will have the honor and joy of being a witness of exploration of new possibilites for development and learning of your child.

Brains requirements which stimulate it to work:

  • consciousness of movement (movement is life, movement helps to develop the brain; the brain is organized by the movement and vice versa)
  • the learning on/off switch (healthily developing child is lively and acts at the highest level "" learning. In his eyes, "spark", his movements are soft and full of energy)
  • gentleness
  • differentiation
  • slow down (we can only do fast things which we alredy know)
  • enthusiasm (indicates what is important)
  • elastic goals (focusing on a "reward" is often reason to failure)
  • imagination and dreams (the brain creates new things and possibilites only through imagination)
  • consciousness